Functional Proteins 



Description: This product is extracted though the fractioning of bovine blood cells. Processed and collected under strict hygienic standards the product is available in liquid, frozen and powdered form.


Applications: Bovine Plasma is used as a substitute for meat protein due to its particular gel and emulsion properties that help reduce waste when cooking while simultaneously improving the texture/consistency – and thereby handling/slicing – of meat related products.


Description: This product is obtained from a powdered mixture of animal protein, dispensers and stabilizers.

Applications: Protein Mixture is commonly applied in the production of hams, pork chops and bacon by means of injection.

Protein Coloring


Description: This product is essentially natural coloring based on bovine blood cells and is collected and processed under rigorous hygienic conditions.

Applications: Hemorex is frequently used to give color and thereby improve the texture of crude and cooked products. Su Solución de Negocios en Internet