QUICKFOOD THE European Economic Community, has created As a company pioneering The only Extraction Plant In Latin America With Technology APV Anhydro AS Danish design.

investment in the plant to reach U $ S 3 million.

Process Description:

In summary the process begins with the extraction of the blood of animals at the same time of the site, in conditions of absolute asepsis, which pays approximately 14/15 liters per head. The blood is sent to stainless steel tanks, and after checking health fitness for a foreign entity, continuing the process through a machine that separates the plasma centrifuged in hemoglobin. Both elements are stored at 2 degrees centigrade before drying by a team spray (the plasma is concentrated previously).

The team spray works at temperatures close to the 200grados centigrade what reasegura optimal quality microbiologica and bromatológica product. So get the hemoglobin in blood and dust (yellow and red respectively) that are embolsados for marketing. All facilities (for collecting, concentrating and drying, as well as equipment and process piping interconnection) are stainless steel and have automatic cleaning systems driven by programmable logic controllers, which ensures a Standard of international quality. The production capacity is of 15,000 liters of blood per day cattle, building on the site of the same plant.

Fate Of Commercial Products

The use of plasma hemoglobin and high quality varies widely. The plasma is a concentrated protein. By having solubility properties, ability gelling, emulsifying, absorption of water and foam form, it is suitable for use in the manufacture of chacinados, sausages, panificados (replacing egg albumin), pasta, ice cream, cakes, merengues, cheeses, stews, soups, stews and sauces, among others.

hemoglobin is very useful in food fortification with iron, as in the cases of breads, cookies, cereal-based rice, milk, and so on. Especially for infants and anemic. It is also used in the wine industry (wine, champagne, etc..).

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