BIOVEN C.A. It is a leader in the production of animal protein, using modern technology applied to the development and use of new products continually improve in quality and productivity, through joint efforts with the entire organization and in close collaboration with our customers .

BIOVEN C.A. Trying to achieve customer satisfaction and provide a degree of confidence when purchasing our products.

Maintaining an excellent business relationship with our suppliers that allow us to transfer our customers with competitive advantages in quality, service, cost and efficiency.

Its activities are created with the aim of supporting and fortify new innovative ideas, thus positioning in the industry as a company of great particularity.


The excellence in services and in the manufacture of food, it is our primary goal.

BIOVEN C.A. Since its inception, it has been proposed to completely meet the needs of its customers.

Our future projects brings us to generate knowledge and experience which creates a new framework for the relationship between customers and the company.

We are committed to innovate technologically all processes and impose our attention and consideration in the development of our products.


Our main value is the dedication in all tasks that appear within the company, working in conjunction with the rest of the team and develop products of excellent quality, demonstrating our ethics and honesty within each profession, and thus able to provide an excellent care to our clients.

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